Immersive Visualisation for Science, Research, Art and Metaverse Applications

SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia Birds of a Feather Session

Traditionally, this session is on immersive visualization systems, software, and tools for science, research, scientific visualization, information visualization, art and also metaverse. Invited speakers and panelists discuss newest initiatives and developments in immersive space as applied to data exploration.

Time and Location

Tuesday, 12 December, 2023
1pm - 1:50pm AEDT

Location: Meeting Room C4.6, Level 4 (Convention Centre)

Interest Areas: Art and Design, Gaming and Interactive, New Technologies, VR/XR, Research and Education

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Tentative Schedule

Welcome to BoF, Tomasz and Elizabeth
Collaborative Immersive Analytics; Update from IVE, Mark Billinghurst (University of South Australia)
The Most Interesting Thing in Space is Earth, AJ Christensen (NASA)
Generative AI for 3D Content and Scene Composition, Pallavi Mohan (NVIDIA)
Visualising Power Networks, Mashhuda Glencross (UQ)
Data Materialization, Courtney Starrett (Texas A&M University)
AI and VR in Medicine: A New Perspective on Chest X-Rays and Colonography Through Eye-Tracking, Joaquim Jorge (University of Lisboa)
Panel and Open Discussion
Closing and next steps, Tomasz


Tomasz Bednarz (NVIDIA, USA)
Elizabeth Baron (Immersionary Enterprises, USA)

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tomasz.bednarz at

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